Let’s Experience Life

I’d say my life is pretty typical. Nothing separates me from the masses. Therefore, my desire to travel and experience life outside of the mundane would probably resonate with most. However, I’m well aware some are perfectly fine sitting in front of the T.V. with Cheetos-stained fingertips flipping through Netflix documentary after documentary highlighting the world’s ills such a factory farming, GMOs, big business etc., all the while doing nothing but feeding into the narrative and doing nothing about the things we fret over, for a moment, before reaching into the fridge to indulge in another mouth orgasm of processed sugar. And, that’s fine.

But, I yearn to separate from the nonsense and daily assault from negative energy. I know that’s some hippie BS, but, essentially, what I’m getting at is that I have wanderlust, and I’m tired of using the excuse of everyday responsibilities for not fulfilling my desire to experience nature, to experience different cultures and to experience life before our finite amount of time here on Earth expires. I personally, and perhaps unscientifically, believe that our “monkey brains” weren’t supposed to receive the amount of information that we try to process on a daily basis. Yes, I stole “monkey brain” from Joe Rogan.

So, what’s the best way to rewire our brains and give it a break from the mass, insert negative event, everything that leads us to believe the world is falling all around us? Perhaps it’s ditching our cellphones for a day and traversing the wilderness, free from our modern woes and accompanied only by our thoughts. Thoughts that will invariably start off with, “I have so much work to do. I should run more. I’m kind of fat. When was Little Mac’s doctor appointment?” etc. However, give it time, and I believe those thoughts will turn into simply appreciating the beauty around you.

Basically, with all of that said, I’m starting a blog highlighting my attempt at adventure; my attempt at escaping from the stress of the 21st Century. Will I succeed? Probably not, or at least not in total. But to succeed just a little would be awesome. To escape more often, push myself more often and experience life outside of the mundane existence I now find myself, more often. So I invite, perhaps the two of you who will actually read this, to share in my journey.

It won’t always be to some exotic place, for the most part it never will be. I’m broke, like most of you. Travel is expensive. Sometimes I’ll write about a different journey such as the 24-hour fast I’m currently 5 hours into and struggling to complete. This blog is about many journeys. The little journeys through my ordinary life that when in sum, toward the end of my life, hopefully many years from now, totals one heck of a ride through this cosmic journey of ours. I want to live it to its fullest, with you. Let’s live the shit out of this thing, together.

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